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Meet the Maker

Posted by Kristin Kieffer on

Meet the Maker

I'll open by answering the question I hear the most. People often ask how my shop got its name, September Ink. It's pretty straightforward really, my business is conveniently named after the 9th month of the year. This is when I celebrate getting older and when I bought my press to start this letterpress journey. September always seems to be a season of change.

I opened my first shop in San Francisco back in 2014 with only a couple hundred square feet in the cutest neighborhood. I was just one block off of the cable car line and had amazing, supportive neighbors. It was bittersweet when I had to close the shop and move out to the midwest to support my husband and his new job in 2016. It was a good move as a family, but I was sad to leave my wonderful shop and neighborhood. I spent some time exploring the area and finally found a new shop space in a rehabbed farm equipment factory in Illinois! September Ink started part two of this journey in September of 2018! See, I told you September was a season of change!

We're still getting settled into the new space, but I am currently focusing on getting some new greeting cards designed and a line of wedding invitations that will be easy, budget friendly and quick to order. I do all the design and printing myself, and my husband Kris does lots of work around the shop to keep things running smoothly. We hope you'll be a part of this new journey and look forward to working with lots of new clients!

I'll leave you with a few things you might not know about me—I love really cheesy, sappy romance movies (think Hallmark Channel), am totally obsessed with my schnauzer (and dogs in general really) and I rarely skip dessert (anything chocolate is my favorite).

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